As a result of volcanic eruptions, lightening strikes and meteorites, natural glass has existed since the beginning of time but
it was not until 3500 BC that man first attempted to create glass objects for his own use. Non-transparent beads dating found
in Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia are the first evidence of when the craft was born; however, it was not until around 1500
BC that this craft evolved to include glass cases. Using compacted sand moulds dipped in molten glass, the craftsmen created
vases. It was only between 27 BC and 14 AD that Syrian artisans actually started blowing hollow glass wares using a long
thin metal tube - an artform that has literally remained unchanged since that time.
	At Bloomfield Studios & Gallery, artists Mel and Colleen Wilder continue to explore this fascinating medium as they
create contemporary glass ware, sculptures, jewelry and more for you to enjoy. You are invited to visit their studios and 
gallery to see live demonstrations of this historic craft.
	Showcasing their artistry, their in-house gallery offers you the perfect opportunity to shop for unique gifts or to take
home a treasure of your own.